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Customer Feedback

Here is a collection of feedback we have received from previous customers of USA Car Transport.

USA Car transport gets all of my car transporter business. I have tried the rest, but I stuck with the best, USA Car Transport. I have never had a late pick up or late delivery from USA Car Transport. They are always right on time, and charge exactly the price I was quoted. Many other car transporters I have used in the past give you a ridiculously low quote, then nickel and dime you to death with extras and add-on's.

Keep Up the Good Work,

Sally J.
ST. Louis MO

I have used USA Car Transport for transporting luxury vehicles around the Midwest for the last 3 years. USA Car Transport is the safest, most reliable auto transporter I have ever used. Not only would I use USA Car transport again, they are the only car transporter I do use.

Jon Hartman
Denver Colorado

USA Car Transport restored my faith in auto transport companies. I have transported vehicles for years. I almost always got burned, either the transporter did not pick up the vehicle until 2 weeks after he was supposed to, or they delivered it at the other end one week late. They almost all quote you one price then charge you double once they have your car on their truck.

I have never had any of these problems with USA Car Transport. They pick up on time, they deliver on time, I pay what I was quoted. No hassles, no headaches.

Tom Danforth
Akron, Ohio

Our car dealership has used USA Car Transport for all of our auto transportation needs for the last 5 years. USA Car Transport has always performed well above our expectations. Their car transporter prices are more than reasonable. We will continue to use them for all of our dealer trade car transports and vehicle transports.

Jack Goggins
Auburn, Alabama

I have used USA Car Transport as a car transporter for the last 7 years. They are the most dependable car transporter I have ever used. I have tried other car transporter's from time to time, hoping to get a better car transporter price, but I always end up regretting not having used USA Car Transport.

Barb Mitchell
Los Angeles, California

I have collected exotic cars for the last 10 years. I have used other car transporters, but after encountering several bad cat transporters, I will only use USA Car Transport anytime I need to transport an exotic or luxury vehicle. USA Car Transport is dependable, affordable, and friendly to work with.

Anthony Giovanni
Chicago, Illinois

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Nationwide Car Transporter - Nationwide Auto Transporter
Nationwide Car Transporter - Nationwide Auto Transporter