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Looking for a great part time job? Do you like to travel? is now hiring part time drivers to transport vehicles around the USA. Here is how it works......

1. Apply for a part time job as an auto transporter with

2. After you are hired as an auto transporter, you will be sent an e-mail every week showing upcoming jobs in your area, the date of the job, and the amount you will be paid.

Sample E-mail

Trip Dates Itinerary Pay
05/04 Detroit, MI - Chicago, IL $250
05/04 Detroit, MI - Atlanta, GA $375
05/04 Toledo, OH - ST Louis, MO $250
05/11 Detroit, MI - Columbus, OH $250
05/11 Toledo, Oh - Pittsburgh, PA $250
05/11 Chicago, IL - ST. Louis $250

3. You decide what deliveries you want to work. There is no penalty if you do not take a job offer. You are not required to accept any deliveries. Our normal pay rate is $125 a day. We cover all of your expenses: gas for the vehicle you are transporting, a daily food allowance of $35. If the delivery requires you to be on the road overnight, you are provided a hotel voucher good for one night stay at: Clarion, Quality, Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, MainStay Suites, Suburban, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, or choice hotel.

4. Vehicles are transported in a caravan or convoy style, there will usually be at least 6 to 8 vehicles being transported along with the vehicle you are driving. Everyone stays together. If one of the vehicles experiences a problem, the convoy stops together, and the disabled vehicle is left behind for a flatbed truck to pick up and finish the delivery. Once you deliver your vehicle, you are issued a different vehicle to drive back to your starting location.

5. We do not allow any smoking, eating or drinking other than water in a vehicle you are transporting. We will take regular breaks to eat and use the bathroom. As an auto transporter we need to ensure that the vehicle is delivered in the same or better condition than when we picked it up.

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Nationwide Car Transporter - Nationwide Auto Transporter
Nationwide Car Transporter - Nationwide Auto Transporter